Get Ghost feat. L​-​Biz & Valed

by iRoc

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Final single before the release of the 5P's Compilation by Team ISB and a host of other talented MC's. This song takes teammates L-Biz & iRoc to a place of honest aggression a finality about the grind that embodies TeamISB (iStayBizzy). Accompanied by L-Biz's long time home time rival; they've squash their beef and come together for one common cause... To show the world that it's our turn! Buffalo NY stand up... and if you ain't supporting the movement then you gotta "GET GHOST"


Intro - L-Biz
See when you got a team
That believes in the same things you believe
It makes it much easier to achieve
The Mission!
And what's the mission?
Shit, when tryna get that chicken!

L-Biz - Verse 1
My hustle like my IQ 135
Got the birds chirping
I don't need cleaver lines
The numbers in the branches make the perch jump
Treat'em then I beat'em and leave'em
Divas get worked up, Word Up!
Been grinding since the pack crossed customs
Plug died, tripled my investment... Plus some.
I mean, I miss him but I moved on
If I'd have married the game
It probably would've been two gone
Stay wise, get fly, what I do daily
Tryna be a Saint, strapped with the Deuce Stalley.
If I drew then I breeze
I don't need to see'em catch a bullet
And, I'll be good if they don't see the footage.
Mamossas in the A.M. with a couple twins
No relation but the sex say they close friends
And I'm just tryna be the mediator
iRoc said it's time to get the chicken
Bizzy gotta switch the fader
New song, all about cash
In hindsight, soundtrack same as the last
If it ain't about dough, what it's bout then?
Love the fam, but tonight it's all about ends.
Geezers on the visa's roll deep.
Getting women chasing money
Losing money chasing freaks, Uhh!
Celebrating with a champagne toast.
If he plotting on my profits
I'mma have to get'em ghost, Whoa!

We ain't gotta try to be different
My whole team on the same mission
Stack dough, sip wine that's vintage
Work hard adding commas to the pension
With the game, my name is synonymous
So if you plotting on my dollars then you gotta get
Get Ghost
If you ain't talkin' money then I gotta get
Get Ghost
That bullshit float, so you gotta get
Get Ghost

iRoc - Verse 2

Been broke, been down but I'm up now
Won't stop, to much not enough now
I want it all, you can miss me with the bust downs
See me popping bottles, bitch put cha cups down.
If the doors don't open, Roc breaking locks
Down to make a scene, no stage props
Grave plots, tryna dodge those
Hoes quick to creep up on you, like them nickle city pot holes
Grinding for my cheese, nigga nachos
Goons handle beef, hot shells for ya taco
iRoc, she a diva and ghetto
Sexy in them retros, better in stilettos
Hopping in my inbox like a warp zone
I just treat'em like braille or a Morris code
Kill that shit
I don't hear that shit
If it ain't about the paper
I don't feel that shit
Asset fat like a hedge fund
Niggas down to go in debt just to get some
Pop a couple jel-shotz for the get right
Great sex, big checks, iRoc living life
Get ghost gotta float to the cheddar
Hustle hard living by the 3 letters
5Ps got me on my toes
So I know I'm gettin' mine
Better go and get your's, Oooh!


Valed - Verse 3

Oh, I hit the boutique Gucci Huaraches the feet
Booked a big suit, filled it with bottles and freaks
Double cup on the drink the Swisher the Sweet
Copped in large quantities and get it for cheap
Take a Mickey D's chink and feed her Fulneit
She don't eat no carbs, she keep it petite
Niggas go so hard to get in the sheets
I tell a boss bitch, either you trick or you treat
I'm G
Got my game tight
Smash that, bag that on the same night
V-A-L-E-D, bitch get my name right
Chris Kyle with the shot, got my aim right
Chef game with the pot, got the cane right
6'1", got stacks that's the same height
We playing with the bands like Jenga
The hoes eyes open wide like Menga
I'm on the north side, moving low key
Doing dirt by myself, no Co-D
Going back to Cali, Easy Moe B
And hit the whole team B.B.O.D
Mo' Better, Mo' Cheddar
I don't do season 3 of Margiela
Vegas nights, I'm hitting car dealers
We ain't even pull up the Ghost
The hoes feels us!



released April 8, 2016
Produced By: SdotFire & LBizOnDaTrack



all rights reserved


iRoc New York, New York

Hailing From Buffalo NY comes one of the dopest, sexiest, femcees around. iRoc is not only nice with the words she's a go getter here to claim her spot in the game, Literally!

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